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I went to Dallas - the biggest celebrity death spot in the USA.





The Death of James Garner

The Death of Robin Williams

The Death of Mickey Rooney including the last photograph ever taken of Mickey.  EXCLUSIVE to Findadeath.

August 20 - today is the 25th Anniversary of the Menendez Murders

August 19, Groucho Marx died on this date in 1977


If you didn't see our E! Show last October, here's your chance.

This is Hollywood Death Trip!




February 11, 2014
The Day Shirley Temple went into the light.

Check out one of the acid trippiest Wizard of Oz wanting to be movies ever starring The Shirl:

The Bluebird.  Go ahead, it's free.

Such a nasty girl.  haha



God Bless Annette Funicello

GRAPHIC IMAGES from the accident that killed Paul Walker and Andre the Giant makes Findadeath.



RIP Nelson Mandela 
July 18, 1918 - December 5, 2013



Death Hag Gift Shop

Don't fret, my friends.  I've not forgotten you.  Here are some updates on Disney and Morticia.


Plus - the Suicide of Designer Alexander McQueen

The  2014 Year in Death Calendars have arrived!


"E! Entertainment Special Hollywood Death Trip"

PremieredThursday, October 24th @ 10:00pm ET/PT

"E! Entertainment Special Hollywood Death Trip" follows a real-life tour guided by Scott Michaels of Dearly Departed Tours, of high profile murders and shocking deaths that occurred in Los Angeles. The captivating E! Special unravels some of the most gruesome and notorious cases that made headlines, and takes a look at where these events actually unfolded.

Here's hoping they liked it, and want more!


On October 4,5 2013 the Annual Dearly Departed Weekend took place in Los Angeles.  Guest speakers and amazing venues.  It was an amazing weekend, thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it  happen, and to everyone who enjoyed it.

Coming Soon - our new full-length documentary - Dearly Departed II













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Our own documentary about the Tate Labianca murders



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