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Mary Kay Bergman

Warning: This is a sad story.

Mary Kay was one very funny lady, and a very unhappy lady. Though I didn�t know her, the fact that she said the things she said, made me think she had to be fun to hang around. If you want a sample, here is one, but I warn you, there is language.  It's a take on the old Miss Lucy Had a Steamboat song, and it is not work recommended.  Here.

To make a name for yourself in the voice over business is impressive indeed, and as you can see from the cast of characters above, she was involved in South Park, one of the hottest cartoons in ages.  She had been in the voice biz since 1986, and took the controversial job with South Park, initially under the name Shannen Cassidy, because she was afraid of alienating herself.  After a year and a half with the successful show, she proudly took credit, with her own name.  A comprehensive list of her credits can be found here.

Mary Kay was living with her husband Dino Andrade in this nice building in Los Angeles.  She undoubtedly parked her car in here.  Guests would ring her doorbell, and be buzzed in through the lobby, down this hall to where their apartment was, at this side of the building.

Unfortunately, on November 11, 1999, she committed suicide.  If only she could have lived long enough for us not to have to endure Robin Williams singing Blame Canada at the Academy Awards in 2000.

The investigation says that she had been despondent over job-related problems. 

She was last seen alive around 9pm on the 11th, when she spoke to a friend on the phone.  An hour and twenty minutes later, her husband and a friend returned home to find her, with a suicide note, and a Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun pointing at her head.

She had put the barrel against her forehead just above her nose.  The top of her head had been blown off, and her brain was lying on the carpet, 2 feet away.  They found blood, brain matter and skull fragments all around the room, on the walls, and on several wrapped Christmas presents.

Death was pronounced at 10:18 by police.  She was only 38.

Mary Kay Bergman has one of the coolest grave stones ever, at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

This is Mary Kay's official website.

Mary Kay�s husband Dino Andrade released the following statement:
If you are suffering, if you live with pain, fear, depression or despair, you must seek help. The first step is to speak out, tell someone of your pain. I believe that if my wife had told me of the dark place she was in, I could have gotten her the help she needed and thus she would be alive today. If this plea can reach just one person, and help them to see the light in the darkness, then I will know that Mary Kay�s death was not a waste, but a sacrifice so that another might live.

Contributions to the Mary Kay Bergman Memorial Fund, Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health Center, 4760 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City, Calif., 90230

There is a memorial website for Mary Kay, and there is plenty of great information about this funny, sad woman.  Rest in peace, Mary Kay.  Please.

Thank you to the folks at Celebrity Collectables, made this autopsy report available to us.