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Albert Dekker - The Hideous Kinky
1905 - 1968


Masturbation will kill you. Ask Albert. He was an actor best known for his role as Dr. Cyclops, but was also in East of Eden and The Wild Bunch.  He was also a former California Legislator. He had a sixteen-year-old son that killed himself in 1967.



His long-time fianc´┐Ż, Geraldine Saunders last saw Albert on the May 2nd, 1968, when they attended the opening of The Latent Heterosexual, at the Hollywood Huntington Hartford. At the time she said, "We were to have gone again on Friday, but my numerous phone calls to him that evening went unanswered." She also claimed that they were to be married within the next month.

Albert had recently moved into an apartment on Normandie Avenue, in LA. His address was 1731. Here’s the building.  How's this for product placement?

On Sunday morning May 5th, Geraldine went to his apartment to bang on his door godammit. There were numerous messages and notes attached to his door, from other concerned friends. She got the manager to open the apartment door, had a looksee, and they got to the bathroom. Upon forcing the door open, Geraldine supposedly passed out.

This is where it gets good:

"Dekker was kneeling nude in the bathtub.  A noose was around his neck but not tight enough to have strangled him. A scarf was tied over his eyes and a horse’s bit was in his mouth, fashioned from a rubber ball and metal wire, the bit had chain "reins" that were tightly tied beneath his head. Two leather straps were stretched between the leather belts that girded his neck and chest. A third belt, around his waist, was tied with a rope that stretched to his ankles, where it had been tied in some kind of timber hitch. The end of the rope, which continued up his side, wrapped around his wrist several times and was held in Dekker’s hand. Handcuffs clamped both wrists with a key attached. Written in red lipstick on his right buttock was the word, "whip." Sunrays had also been drawn around his nipples. "Make me suck," was written on his throat, and "slave," and "cocksucker," on his chest. On his stomach was drawn a vagina. He had apparently been dead for several days.  

He was 62 years old.

Some people say it was a robbery gone wrong, because a good deal of cash and electronic equipment was missing from his apartment. I think someone may have ripped him off, but it sounds more like Albert loved doing the dirty squirty thing on his own. He was the great granddaddy of all autoerotic asphyxiators. Problem is, he didn't even complete the job.  The proverbial Die Trying, his death was ruled accidental.

I recently had the unique opportunity to view the scene of the incident.  I had a pal that lived in the building, and on a whim, knocked on Dekker's door.  The nice woman that lived in the apartment invited me in, and actually let me view the bathroom.  She seemed pretty alright with the idea that Dekker bit it in her own place, which I thought was remarkably cool.  Here's the showerhead that Dekker looped the noose around, and here is the infamous tub. Love my job.

Two children survived Albert. Imagine the humiliation.

Albert was cremated, and sent back east to the Garden State Crematorium, New Jersey. No one knows for sure what has become of his cremains.

1/2010 Findadeath pal Jaymuss has a pal that wrote celebrities for autographs in the 60's.  This is one he got from our pal Albert.  I hope he washed his hands first.


I owe much thanks to Bob Siler again, for his text information for this story.