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Nerine Shatner, 40, wife of William Shatner ("Kirk" Star Trek) was found at the bottom of the couple's swimming pool by her husband on August 9 of this year.

The Los Angeles Coroner's Office has just released her autopsy report. Shatner, who found his wife at the time of her death, called 911 and pulled his wife from the pool but attempts to revive her were unsuccessful.

Accidental drowning is the official cause of death listed in the Coroner's report. Speaking in an interview with STAR TREK: CONTINUUM, Scott Carrier, Spokesman for the Los Angeles Coroner's Office said, "The immediate cause of death is attributed to drowning associated with neck trauma." The trauma came as a result of Mrs. Shatner either "diving or falling into the pool."

Investigators ruled out foul play early on. "Given the fact that she was home alone, there were guard dogs present and her husband's whereabouts are accounted for ruling out (foul play)," said Carrier.

Mrs. Shatner, who had struggled with alcohol in the past, was legally intoxicated with a blood-alcohol level of .27, and Valium was also discovered in her system.

Shatner has set up a memorial fund for his late wife benefiting the Friendly House in Los Angeles, a nonprofit organization that helps women combat drug and alcohol addiction. Donations to the Friendly House can by made by contacting Peggy Albrecht or Robbie Bunker at (213) 398-9964.