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Welcome To Findadeath!

I've co-written a book, all about the Rocky Horror experience.  Its Called, Rocky Horror - From Concept to Cult, and will be released at the end of May, both here in the UK and in America.

I began this project over four years ago, and have - with my co writer David Evans, tracked down and interviewed many of the people involved with the original production at the Royal Court Theatre, the film, and the fans.  People included Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Peter Hinwood, All but one of the living Transylvanians, the make-up people, Brian Thomson the designer, Peter Robb-King the make-up man, and many many more.

Its gossipy, bitchy and fun.  Plus it clears up quite a few Rocky Horror mysteries!  Who was the singing voice for Rocky in the movie?  He's interviewed in the book!

If you do want to purchase the book, please go to the link below for Amazon, and you will also help out as well.  If you are a fan, you will love this book.  I promise.




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 Rocky Horror :Concept to Cult USA      The Rocky Horror Show; Concept To Cult UK