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Walt Disney - Flora


Walt Disney - Flora


Walt and Mum

Walt Disney's mother and father, Flora and Elias, were married on New Years Day 1888.  For their Golden Wedding Anniversary, riding on the success of Snow White, successful son, Walt, gifted them with a home in Toluca Lake (Hopeland), CA.  The Disneys loved their new home, except for the heat.  Apparently the furnace wasn't very good, and Mrs. Disney complained about the fumes.  Jinx.

Enter good son Walt, who had studio workers install a new gas furnace in the home.  I have always heard that Walt fixed it himself, but cannot find documentation to support that.  On the night of November 26th, 1938, Father Disney woke and found his wife lying on the bathroom floor.  He himself passed out trying to transport her.

The next morning, Alma Smith, the maid, came to work and upon entering the kitchen, became faint.  She opened the doors and windows, and went to check on Mr. and Mrs. Disney.  Mrs. Disney was dead, and Mr. Disney and Alma were taken to Hollywood Hospital where they recovered.

Mr. Disney was released in time to attend his wife's funeral at Forest Lawn Glendale, at the Wee Kirk Church.

Police attributed the tragedy to a faulty connection in the gas furnace which had been burning all night.

Walt never got over the tragedy.  This is where it happened.



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