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The summer of 2004 was brightened considerably when an email arrived from the gentleman that owns Dr. Hubert Eaton's former home, just below Forest Lawn Glendale.  The man, identified only as Dr. R, graciously invited the Death Hags to tour his humble abode.  With baited breath, about a dozen of us arrived, and were treated to a terrific tour of Hubey's old digs.

My particular fascination is with the Fanicular/Railway that stretched from the house - up the hill to the cemetery, where a limousine would await to take Eaton to work.  Also, when Eaton would entertain, he would have his guests park at the cemetery, and take the incline down.  This sign was made a gift to me by Dr. R, and I treasure it.  The actual control box still exists, though the cables and tracks are pretty much gone. 

Inside the main house, which I took shamefully few snaps, the most fun was the fireplace with the Forest Lawn symbol carved in to the corners.  We were shown the beautiful views, Mrs. Eaton's old dressing room, and the guesthouse.  Of particular interest to me, was the mailbox

Eaton also had bomb shelters built, one of which is now the movie theater.

In Dr. R's own words, "Eaton did have 2 electrical systems, on that was metered by the city and one that was... well, "unmetered" by Forest Lawn.  Eaton also bootlegged water from Forest Lawn, with a series of valves that turned off the city water and used the water from Forest Lawn.

There was once a servants bell system connected to each room in the house.  The Eaton's would buzz for service whenever he needed.  Unfortunately, none of the system survives save that of the old wiring in the attic, and the two buzzers - one in the living room, the other in the floor of the dining room.

Eaton was not a real doctor.  The "Dr." in front of his name was given to him emeritus."

Unfortunately, the house is now being put on the market.  The price?  email me if you are seriously interested.  This house is awesome.  A very hip crib.  I will miss the good Doctor and family, as we've become friends.  I am happy to have made their acquaintance.