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DEARBORN, Mich. (AP)  The bus that Rosa Parks was 
riding when she refused to give up her seat to a white 
man in 1955 will become part of a permanent display at 
the Henry Ford Museum after it is refurbished. 

Parks, 88, was among those who attended a private 
viewing of the unrestored 36-passenger bus on Saturday 
on the 46th anniversary of her arrest. The episode 
sparked the yearlong Montgomery bus boycott and helped 
launch the civil rights movement. 

``When I see this bus, I feel courage,'' Natalia Tanner, 
a pediatrician and professor at Wayne State University, 
told The Detroit News. ``This was such an unusual woman 
and this represents the events that started the series 
of events that changed the lives of so many people.'' 

A Montgomery man, Hubert Summerford, bought the bus in 
the early 1970s. He died in 1985, leaving it to his 
daughter and her husband. 

The museum purchased it for $492,000 and it was removed 
Sunday for restoration to its 1955 appearance. 

Conservation efforts are expected to cost between 
$100,000 and $200,000 and last about a year. 

No bus number was written down on police records when 
Parks was arrested. There have been questions over the 
years as to whether it would be possible to identify the 
As for the Julia Roberts tidbit, she has never mentioned 
this and if she did the press would try to make her out 
to be not only America's favorite Whore (Pretty Woman) 
but the Civil Rights Beauty! You know how the press 
is. I know she went to school in Smyrna Georgia and I 
lived there in April - July 1985. May have bumped into 
the girl and didn't know it. The city is just north of 
Atlanta on Cobb Parkway. Dobbins Air-Force Base is a 
mile up the road in Marietta Georgia.

Now you mentioned something else in your MLK Jr story. 
You mentioned that the JFK Deathmobile is there as well 
and it is. There was this guy who was an intern at 
Parkland Hospital in Dallas the day JFK was brought in 
and he told a SHOCKING story about what happened that 
day at the hospital. I'm sorry I can't remember his 
name but he retired in the mid 1990's and figured since 
time had passed (30 plus years) and his career would not 
be in jeopardy if he "spoke out" now, he could tell his 
story. One thing he mentioned in his book is that LBJ 
refused to ride in the JFK Deathmobile until: 1-it was 
cleaned, 2-the top was made reinforced and 3-it was 
painted a different color. Well, LBJ got his wish. The 
President of Lincoln Mercury was brought in from 
Cincinnati Ohio to personally drive the car back to the 
Lincoln Mercury plant. He had a police escort on the 
ground and helicopters above all the way back to 
Cincinnati. Now can you image driving that car from 
Washington, DC back to Cincinnati Ohio all by yourself 
with the smell of blood, brains and flesh? 

I know just about everybody has done a story on the JFK 
and the Assassination but I think you should just hit 
the highlights just like you did with MLK Jr and let us 
post our thoughts. You probably would get alot of 
people who were there to post comments or at least get 
some people with into to share.