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A partial list of Liz Taylor's medical and personal maladies

Nods to writer John. I. Jones.

1944 - National Velvet - concussion, back injuries

1952 - Divorce from Nicky Hilton Jr. (married 1950)

1953 - Collapsed with stress and back problems. Operation to remove flint from eye, followed my major surgery to prevent blindness. Gave birth to son by cesarean.

1955 - Influenza, blood transfusions, sciatica. Hospitalized for pinched nerve and flu. Gave birth to second son by cesarean

1956 - Five-hour spinal operation to repair crushed disks

1957 - Birth complications with daughter who was born prematurely. Tubal ligation to prevent further pregnancies. Appendix removed.

Divorce from Michael Wilding (married 1952)

1958 - Death of husband Mike Todd in a plane crash - she would have been on the plane had she not been at home ill. (married 1957)

1959 - double pneumonia, tonsilitis

1960 - Fell on ice patch, broke leg. Oral surgery for gum abscess. Viral illness while shooting Cleopatra.

1961 - Viral pneumonia and lung infection which necessitated tracheotomy. Given an hour to live after lung collapsed. Leg infection caused by intravenous feeding. Plastic surgery to remove tracheotomy scar.

1962 - Food poisoning after resuming filming Cleopatra -  rumored to be a suicide attempt/overdose after a fight with Burton.

1963 - Leg, knee operated on

1964 - Divorce from Eddie Fisher (married 1959) - back and arm injuries from being mobbed by fans.

1966 - broke toe while making Taming of the Shrew

1969 - Hysterectomy. In traction with more back issues.

1971 - cyst below the right eye removed

1973 - Surgery to remove ovarian cyst, quarantined with measles in Italy

1974 - Divorce from Richard Burton (married 1964)

1975 - amoebic disentry

1976 - Fall from horse aggravates previous spinal problems.

Divorce from Richard Burton again (married again 1975)

1977 - hospitalized for back problems, broke finger in sledding accident.

1978 - the chicken bone incident. Surgery to remove metal dust from right eye. Broken wrist. Twisted ankle tripping over carpet. Hospitalized for pneumonia.

1979 - Oral surgery. Broken rib from fall.

1980 - infected sinuses

1981 - Severe case of laryngitis and bronchitis. Rushed to hospital after heart attack scare. Broke arm skiing

1982 - Hospitalized for respiratory infection

Divorce from John Warner (married 1976)

1983 - injured leg and neck in car crash. Hospitalized after eating bad taco. New cases of bronchitis and laryngitis.

1984 - Betty Ford for painkillers and alcohol

1985 - Hospitalized after back problem resulting from tight dress worn during filming of North and South. Food poisoning.

1986 - twisted neck, attended Statue of Liberty Celebration in a surgical collar. Hospitalized for complications from a root canal.

1987 - Damaged knee after fall on Swiss ski slopes.

1988 - hospitalized back pain

1989 - hospitalized back pain, back in Betty Ford

1990 - viral pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia, yeast infection in the mouth, lung biopsy

1997 - Brain surgery to remove benign mass from the lining of her frontal lobe.

1998 - back injury - fall at her 66th birthday party and smashed a vertebra 

1999 - breaks a bone in her back in fall

2000 - pneumonia, discovered enlarged heart