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Get wood from Rock's bed.  You wouldn't be the first.
A piece of the bed in which Rock Hudson died on October 2, 1985

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Death Hag License Plate Frame

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Sharon's Stone

A genuine piece of the fireplace from 10050 Cielo Drive.  I obtained these stones myself, in early 1994
(the house was demolished in late 1993)

A rare TRUE CRIME artifact - this is the real deal.

Included is Sharon Tate's Death Certificate


Our Full Length Documentaries!

The Six Degrees of Helter Skelter - the geographic retelling of the Manson Murders


Dearly Departed - the DVD Volume 1 - the video diaries for 19 of our featured deadies - 
with unprecedented access to some of the locations - a must see and must have for Death Hags.

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The good people at Celebrity Collectables have added some great new Wills and Autopsy reports, suitable for the death hag in your life. Hundreds of other fascinating documents are available like Ray Charles' will, and Karen Carpenter's autopsy report.  HOORAY!

This is yours truly, pissing off the members of the Patsy Cline fan club, and holding a tiny handful of stones taken from the exact spot where Patsy Cline's body was found.  Maybe they were there the day Patsy died???  Maybe they weren't.  But I promise you, they were there the day I was there.  You can own one now - and the stock is VERY limited.


For the John Denver fan in your life - or just for your favorite Death Hag - in an EXTREMELY LIMITED (thus a tad pricey) stock, you can own a piece of Denver's death plane.  I'll be honest - the piece you will receive is tiny, but I swear - its real.  You know things are bad when I start hacking up my own personal collection of atrocities.  Buy it now, and I'll throw in his death certificate - gratis.  This is what it looked like when we first got our paws on it, floating in the Pacific, and now lovingly packaged just for you.

Before they made a monstrosity of Lucy's house on Roxbury Drive, it was a simple abode that she lived in for centuries.  A lot of you might know that the fence on the side of the property, was used in an episode of I Love Lucy, called "The Tour," in which Lucy and Ethel take a tour of the stars homes. They get off the bus, and try to snatch a grapefruit from Richard Widmark's tree, located over a fence.  The brick fence they used in the episode was really Lucy's very own fence, and when it got torn down a couple of years ago, I snatched a brick.  Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of me taking it, and I don't have a pic of the fence, but I swear on my life, its the real deal.  No kidding.  Here is the original brick.  My dad and I chopped that baby up on Christmas day, and now you can own your own piece of Lucy television history, for 25 bucks a pop.




These books have been written by my friends and people who have contributed a great deal to Findadeath.com.  

I own and use these books myself.