Things I like and so forth.
  1. LOL
  2. Sebastian Bach ("Skid Row")
  3. There are no words... LOLOLOLOL
  4. Hell yeah!
  5. Mom died on December 15, 2008...
  6. Ha!!!
  7. Rock on, man! We miss you like crazy!
  8. Heh... Zombie Kitty!
  9. The band "30 seconds to Mars", with Jared "YUM" Leto
  10. Hilarious! I would do this.
  11. Talented, Hot, Way too young for meh. :D
  12. divorce
  13. Sure do miss this guy. What a loss. :(
  14. I love this flash game. The graphics are amazing and the game itself is creepy, just the way I like it.
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