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  1. Hi hon, Im sorry I havent got back with you. I havent had internet since November
  2. hey girl whats up? Been away for a bit, hope you're well!! xx
  3. Exactly! Especially this one!! have a great day sweets!!!
  4. That's ok sweetie. I do wish someone could run the site for her if she does not want to. But we have other good sites we can go to at least
  5. That's kinda what I figured must be kinda dead now. Thanks for clearing that up for me!!! xoxo
  6. Yeah I tried to get on there in like 2005. Then I wrote to talk to her about a new design for tee shirts and stuff. I got a letter back from somebody else, saying they would talk to Deb about it. That was a long time ago too. I don't think anything is going on there anyhow. Nice to hhhear from you. You have a good day too
  7. Yep the SharonTate. net (which is run by Deborah right?) I sent a request literally like 2 years ago and never got anything. Are u on there? If so, pls share with me how u did it or if the forums there are worth it. I'm afraid that maybe there is not much going on considering she doesnt seem to update the site. I hope I'm wrong, cause I would really love to read on her "official" forum. Anyway hope you are well girlie!! XO
  8. I don't think I ever saw the helter skelter forum. Was this the site you tried to get on?
    did you get anything from eBay?
    Hope you are having a great day too!
  9. Hey Shannon! Are you a member of the helter skelter forum also? I was when I got kicked off here, but I see they have changed their site totally and can't log on anymore. FAD is def my favorite, but where else do u go to find Sharon info on the web, like anyother forums or etc? I cant seem to get on the official one run by Debra I applied like over a year ago. Did you ever try that one? Anyway hope you are a having a fab day my dear xoxo
  10. No problem hon! I hope you find some cool stuff!
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