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  1. Thanks hun! been a bit under the weather the past week but am feeling much better. How is everything with you then?
  2. hey Shannon! Hope your having a good week!
  3. I know what you mean!! Sometimes I find myself more intrigued by the houses than the victims. I hope that doesn't come off wrong, I just mean like curiosity. Obviously, I feel more for the victims. I am crushed by the fact that the Tate house is gone. Such a beautiful and interesting place, even before the murders occured.
  4. Hello, and welcome to the forum. I too am fascinated with the homes of dead stars (that kinda sounds sick when I write it LOL), I would give anything for Scott's job getting to go into some of those places.
    I have even went so far as to make a Cielo Drive house on my Sims game, I have some pics of it but stupid me forgot how to access the Sim snapshot files and I have had to actually take pictures of the computer screen. I will be posting them here in my profile if you are interested.
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