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  1. I am so sorry to hear about that mate. I honestly don't know what to say to ease your pain. I have two things going against me here, first, I am a male, and secondly I am a colonial
  2. Don't expect any sense...I had a miscarriage last weekend, In fact...meh x
  3. Liverpool just sacked Dalgleish.
  4. Any news on Rangers mate?
  5. It's awful, Neil, they're blatantly trying to get rid of us for good. I don't know how they can even believe the rest of the teams in the league can survive without us...they can't. Makes my blood boil.
  6. They really are trying to kill off Rangers aren't they? 250K fine and a one year trade embargo, it's the footballing equivalent of the Treaty of Versailles.
  7. Looks like we'll have a new owner pretty soon...the Singapore based guy! Keep your fingers crossed for us.

    I'll keep mine crossed for QPR
  8. Drink as much wine and cider as you like before you write to me, but don't apologize for it. I appreciate your frankness in expressing your opinion. It is refreshing. Nothing wrong with being passionate about your team.

    I think taking points off of you next season is a joke. If you want to penalize a team for indiscretions in the past or in the present season fine, bring the penalty on now. But to pay it forward? I can understand why you are pissed off. And why should a team be penalized because they are facing financial difficulties? If the SPL were serious they should work with Rangers to help them secure a new owner. Financial penalties just make it harder to get a new owner.

    QPR lost tonight. 5 straight away losses. We were two points above the relegation zone before the game with West Bromwich Albion tonight. I hate this.....
  9. Sorry. I went a bit off topic. I love my team xx
  10. To be honest Neil, and you'll have to excuse my language after a bottle of wine and 5 ciders...

    My team are fucked. No matter what happens now, the SPL are making sure that next season, and the season after...we are fucked. 10 points off us this season is fine, we expect that (Lennon, you C**T), but for next season? And any other seasons we may enter into as a "newco"? Pfft. The other teams need to think on and remember where their money is coming from. I know you're in Singapore, Neil, but imagine you're in deepest darkest Dundee (God bless your soul)...the only times you're going to sell your stadium out is when the "Old Firm" are there. If one of those teams goes to the wall, everyone does. I'm so glad Neil fuckin Lennon is finding himself such a nice guy, in times of trouble for Rangers. Cos know what? Ally McCoist is everything Celtic have ever missed and despised. Class, humility and strength. Laugh it up, popcorn teeth, we're right behind you.
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