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  1. Happy Birthday from your favorite Tea Party conservative !
  2. Thanks nessa for the bday thingy. Playin my Van Halen Diver Down album just for you. Your friendly Tea Party Republican out here on the left coast.
  3. You are nuts for paying that much! I hope Diamond Dave sweats on you! LOLOL
  4. Van Halen will be in San Francisco in a few weeks. I paid 400 dollars for front row. I got faith in you, one day you'll know what great music is
  5. Bah ha! Van Halen is coming to Tulsa. Tickets are $147.50. You couldn't pay me $147.50 to go to that show hahaha.
  6. Thanks for noticing my birthday.
    From your friendly Van Halen listening, Republican Tea Party member.
  7. Happy bday!
  8. LOL! Hope ya had a good b-day!
  9. Nessa its ok ur a lib, you don't know any Better.. lol. thanks for the birthday wishes.
  10. Happy birthday from your friendly liberal mod! LOL j/k - but do have a happy birthday!
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