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  1. Oh, definitely from the same time period - good old fifties. I'm so sorry to hear of Newman's passing. They are so darn cute! I love to hear what they say! Mott the Hoople is a good name!
    I love what Sparta says.....had me in stitches!
    Yup, jangles, we're getting up there, aren't we? I'll be 53 next month (I hate the odd numbers for some reason....And I 55 for you? I like 55, that's alright for an odd number....
    They do really make nice companions, don't they? Your birds? It seems that they would keep you smiling......
  2. Hello, Long Gone Day.

    Can you believe that I have only now seen your message?
    Our Newman has passed. He was an excellent talker.
    Whenever I opened the fridge to get something, Newman would pipe, "What's dat?!" I'd forget that he was a budgie and answer him, "Just some milk for my tea, Newman."

    We have six birds now. All of them are rescue birds, save for our male peach-faced lovebird, Mott The Hoople. We adopted him from a breeder when he was a baby.

    We have three male budgies and they are all talkers, with our Spiro being the best...he speaks very clearly and has an excellent vocabulary. He often says, "I love you, you're so beautiful!"

    His brother, Sparta, spits "What a dump! What a rathole...mummy!"

    I see that you are born in am I, on the 22nd. I'm on the cusp. I was born in '54, so I'm slightly older than you are.

    We are so close in age that we probably remember a lot of the same things.


  3. Thanks for the friend request; it's my pleasure to accept!
  4. Hey, Jangles. I love the bird thread and I go there a lot and must have missed the pictures of your birds the first time. Anyway, I was just looking at them and they are so cute. You mentioned that Newman, your budgie, talks. I was just wondering what kinds of things he says.
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