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  1. Hump Day is the middle of the week.
  2. Happy Hump Day!
  3. No, never met Brandon. Unfortunately he was dead before I had even heard of him. I picked up a copy of People, issue April 19, 1993 and he was on the cover Dying Young.

    I remember Bruce from The Green Hornet, but I didn't know much about him until I began doing research on Brandon. I have come to believe that a lot of the rumors about Bruce's affairs and etc. is pure bullshit.

    Have you read Linda's ex's book Unsettled Matters about Bruce? It's interesting, but bull, let me tell ya. I can get the link for the PFD that contains the whole book, if you want to read it.
  4. Cindy did you ever meet Brandon? I was in love with his father.
  5. Well, I'm glad you added me, hun. Have a great week!
  6. Cindyt I'm still not great with the computer but I added you to my friends list.
  7. Hi Cindy how are you doing? Love your posts! It's Moonrabbit!
  8. Hello!
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