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  1. Thanks so much for the credit----it took me four mares and four stallions plus ten years to finally get this filly plus 20 something years of study....ugh! Dont even want to think of the $$$$$. She does make me feel blessed though!!
    I hope you have a great Christmas and new year!
  2. Hey, Baroque! I have to tell you, every so often I go back to your video simply to admire your horse and get a smile out of it. It's so wonderful to someone breed the correct way and to see how genuinely beautiful your baby turned out to be. Good luck!
  3. I adore them, and have worked on a few rescues from Sugar Creek that included ASB's--your breed registry rocks, BTW, and they are so awesome about stepping up to save them! They are definitely beautiful horses with awesome temperaments.
  4. Thank you-yes he is! My favorite breed! Do you like them?
  5. I love your avatar, baroque! Is he an ASB?
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