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  1. ROFL! You men are so proud of hockey during the winter time! I admit it, I have been too busy to follow the Olympics this year *blushes* Congrats on the gold!
  2. Hello, I'm doing good now that our Mens Hockey team won the gold
    medal in the Winter Olympics.( it's the sport I so enjoy )
    Your Canadian friend ...Paul
  3. Hey Paul! We are having wonderful weather, the first race of the season (although not at my hometrack) is tomorrow, life couldn't be better! How about you?
  4. Hi, just a short not to hope you are having a nice
  5. If it helps it is raining here in South Carolina as well! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend as well.
  6. Hi would just like to wish you a nice weekend. (it's raining up here in London Canada) all the best...Paul
  7. Paul, you made the very best decision that you could have, I only hope that you can find peace and know that at least she doesn't feel the pain of her addiction any longer. I hope that your pain begins to ease with time, as well. If you wish to share, feel free to pm me at any time--I'm always available to listen.
  8. Hi, thank you for asking about my late
    sister Carolyn.
    it was very nice and kind....all the best Paul
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