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  1. Happy Labor Day to you, too, LGD! Patients are keeping my hopping, I am shopping for a horse, car racing on the weekends and yet still trying to make time to rest! What an oxymoron lol.
  2. He is! That man seriously gives me the creeps.
  3. Mwah! See you're reading the Thatcher killer. Isn't he a sadistic looking mother f*****!
  4. Hot and humid here, too. About 101 yesterday. Restaurant slowing down for vacation month, a little. Stay as cool as you are, DG!
  5. HEY LGD! How have you been? And how is the restaurant business treating you? It is hot hot hot here and it sucks!
  6. Hey, Dixie! Just stopping by to say hello and wish you a nice weekend. I'm too tired to post as much as I'm working the four days a week and walking three miles a day in that restaurant. Good thing as I need to fit into my old wardrobe! How are things?
  7. Southern cooking at its finest! Ha! I can practically feel my cholesterol climbing just THINKING about it!
  8. That's too bad about the car. For goodness sakes! Ahh....just comes with the territory, I guess. My father used to tell me stories about his early days racing. Nothing some fried candy bars or mac and cheese bites won't
  9. Oh my freaking God. Mac and cheese compressed into squares, wrapped in bacon and deep fried..........
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