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  1. OMG....I'm SO SORRY!!! Clearing it out right now.....just got home from work. It was a good day.....
  2. Your inbox is full. My message bounced back at me. Lol
  3. Thank you, I sure hope to be able to sleep next to my angle. Lol! Love ya!
  4. Oh good! I'm so glad! Hope you continue feeling better and get a good night's rest! Love you happy that you have a sweet angel (not angle! LOL), like Deane! <3
  5. I'm not coughing near as much as I was. I sure hope it stays that way. Deane and I neither one got much sleep last night. I'm glad it wasn't a work night. He is an amazing person and I am very grateful to have him. He paid six dollars at a convenient store for honey. Lol

    Thanks for the suggestions and your kindness. I appreciate it more than you can imagine!
  6. You are so welcome my darling friend- I sure hope it helps! My Mom is an RN and always gave us hot tea with lots of honey and lemon- I wish I could fix it and bring it to you myself! :-)
    If you have Vicks, do try it on your chest with a heating pad if you have one. It also helps to stay propped up on a pillow or something, otherwise the crud will keep dripping back into your throat instead of coming up and out! Sorry, don't mean to be gross! Deane is so sweet to go get you honey- what a honey he is! No wonder you love him so much!! Let me know how you are doing <3
  7. Thank you for the Facebook suggestion! My dearly beloved is on his way to buy some honey. I hope it works. My throat is raw, I can't stop coughing, and I have sores on my tongue and down my throat. I don't drink at all, but if I had access to a liquor store, I'd be looking for something stout!
  8. How awful- Arlo is OK, but Silas??? You're right- poor kid.
  9. I don't know why anything surprises me anymore, but that just blew my mind. The least the parents could have done was spell the name different instead of setting up their child for a lifetime of ridicule. Dakota graduated with a girl who recently gave birth to a boy and named him Arlo Silas. Poor little guy.
  10. LMFAO!!!! Can you believe a stupid f*****g b***h would name her kid THAT??? FFS- the last name I suggested would only make sense. sounds like an anti fungal cream. UGH.
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