Hey Sports Fans!

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  1. cindyt
    Baseball, baby! Da Braves! WhooHoo!
  2. cindyt
    When I first saw this group on the social group index I thought it said Hey Scott's Fans. LOL.
  3. PvN73
    YaaaaY! I love sports, all sorts but obviously love Aussie Rules the most, then follow the cricket in the summer. At the moment though the Tour De France has started, so GO CADEL GO!!!

    Oh and also the GP is on tonight and OH MY GOD! Webber has #2 position! My lord!!!!

  4. PvN73
    I did get to a baseball game once when I went to the US! It was awesome, though I want to one day go to the Ice Hockey, that just looks like the most fantastical sport in the US!!!
  5. PvN73
    Haaaaaaaa Me again!! Also the Final is on soon Federer v Nadal! Ohhhh hopefully it is going to be a good one!
  6. Philliefan
    Phillies are in the 12th inning against the hated Mets...ugh! 2-2
  7. Philliefan
    And CRAP! The Mets just hit a 2 run homer...1/2 inning to go...
  8. Philliefan
    Pan - you must educate us on Aussie sports...I mostly follow baseball, football, basketball and hockey - sometimes tennis, not much this year.
  9. PvN73
    Well which ones would you like to know about? Aussie rules is my fav, and in the Aussie Rules thread, Neilz has kindly posted some youtube links about the game as it can be a bit confusing for some peeps. Cricket is pretty easy to follow though, bowl the ball, and then hit it and run! heeeee. I dont know much about Rugby though but I know there is League and Union, just bits and pieces.

    Stupid Mets! Blah!
  10. cindyt
    Sunday, Turner Field
    Atlanta Braves vs Houston Astros
    17 Innings--longest running game in TF history
    Brave Mark Teixeira's hit in 17th inning wins the game.

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