Hag Fags & Death Dykes

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  1. warmbear
    Ms, California: She was obviously rattled, and did not know what to say.. As I said on that thread, I find her answer very unenlightened, but it is her answer.
  2. warmbear
    The cocktails and shrimp dip are on the table, next to the crab puffs.
  3. djdeath-hag
    I just wanted to personally wish each of you hags Happy Pride Month! No matter where you are or how "out" you are, this is a good month to let your true colors show. Be well, blessed & HAPPY! HugeHomoHagHugs!
  4. Jemmy

    Just thought Id say hello! Anyone have any idea when Season 6 of the L Word is out on region 2?

  5. Jack-O-Lantern
    Helllooooooo...anybody out there? Am I whistling in a graveyard or what???
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