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  1. More Cheese Please
    Hiya everyone! I received a message that it had been requested that I "take ownership of the Social Group PNW Hags". I thought that was waaaaay cool and I accepted... thanks so much! I chose an avatar just to get us "up and going"... to get rid of that darned question mark. LOL! Please let me know if anyone has any other pics they may want to see up or if there are any other suggestions/additions/deletions anyone would want to see made to our group....

    and how about that PNW Hags get together we've often spoke of.... ideas?
  2. Karma
    Let's all congratulate our darling MCP for taking over the role of leading PNW hags!
  3. More Cheese Please
    Thanks Karma! Anyone have any ideas regarding a get together?
  4. lovemymonkey
    Send me an email when you have the get together details, I'm getting over a fractured occular something, basicly I broke my cheek bone LOL I got kicked in the face by a horse, and I look awful LOL
  5. heartbreakdj00
    Let me know if theres gonna be a get together! Im still in Bremerton and still want to meet all my fellow Death Hags.
  6. More Cheese Please
    Why don't you guys PM me and we'll get something figured out.
  7. Bessolo
    This group needs a forum on FAD as it appears to be dead LOL
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