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Thread: Holmes ! I believe I see a comet

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    Holmes ! I believe I see a comet

    Just a heads-up about Comet 17P/Holmes.
    A periodic comet (that means it appears in our sky at regular intervals due to it's orbit around the sun) that is named after it's discover Edwin Holmes in 1892.

    At this time we are kind of lucky, because Comet Holmes 'brightness' value (how easily it can be seen in the night sky) increased six times in the last few days…. Is 17P/Holmes going to explode??? Probably not, since during some past observations, it has demonstrated this behavior. It's 'period' is 6½ years and usually can't be easily seen (or even apparently easily found!) by astronomers

    17P/HOLMES currently appears as a bright yellow star (3rd brightest in this Fall sky) in the northeastern sky. Within the constellation Perseus .. (attached graphics might help)

    Step outside tonight to see one of the celestial phenomena that drove our ancestors crazy!
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    i'm sharing this with my daughter. she loves planets/stars/astronomy stuff. this will catch her eye.
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    Thanks for the heads up a few weeks ago in Minneapolis a meteror flashed thru the sky as a fireball in the daytime. Scentist said that was really rare event in the daytime, in the afternoon of that day people in my neck of the woods said they heard what sounded like a airplane exploding (me included) I guess that might have been the meteror passing over us in southwestern Minnesota.
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