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Thread: Susanna Foster

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    Interesting indeed. I don't recognize any of her work or who she is, but it is a good read... I must find out more about her.
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    Her private life was incredibly sad. This links to a blog by one of her sons -

    I see it hasn't been updated since 2012, but it's heartbreaking nonetheless.

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    How sad that what's considered her most famous role was in that God-Awful remake of the Phantom of the Opera. Claude Rains was great for the role because of his impressive voice and acting ability, but IMO the movie was f*cked-up because there was too little Phantom and too much Opera. There was too much of a contrast between the horror (the Phantom) and the non-romantic love triangle involving the singer and her two suitors. How sad that in spite of a long musical career (not to mention her jobs outside of show business) she ended up living in her car.

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