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    William Wyler

    William Wyler was a prolific, Oscar-winning motion picture director. He was known to require tens of takes for every shot in his films and for demanding control over the story, location and crew of each production, yet his exacting nature and attention to detail paid off in the form of both popular and critical success.
    On July 24, 1981, Wyler gave an interview with his daughter, producer Catherine Wyler for Directed by William Wyler, a PBS documentary about his life and career. A mere three days later, Wyler died from a heart attack. Wyler's last words on film concern a vision of directing his "next picture...Going Home". Wyler is interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California.
    Wyler was briefly married to Margaret Sullavan (25 November 1934 - 13 March 1936) and married Margaret Tallichet on 23 October 1938 until his death; they had four children.

    William Wyler directed a provocative, dramatic Best Picture-winning film about the plight of three returning G.I. veterans Dana Andrews (January 1, 1909 - December 17, 1992) Fredric March (August 31, 1897 April 14, 1975) and Harold Russell (Jan 14, 1914 - Jan 29, 2002) to the homefront. The multi-Oscar winning picture The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) was produced by Samuel Goldwyn (27 August 1882 - 31 January 1974) and photographed by Gregg Toland (May 29, 1904 - September 26, 1948). Non-professional, disabled veteran Harold Russell won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in the film. In two of the film's memorable scenes, Hoagy Carmichael taught double-amputee Russell to play Chopsticks on the piano, and Russell displayed his vulnerabilities to his fiancee Cathy O'Donnell (July 6, 1923 - April 11, 1970).
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    He also had a great love affair with Bette Davis. When they were making Jezebel, during her close-ups, she was really talking to him.

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