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Thread: Ghosts, Poltergeists, Haunted Places & Stories

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    Well, We've had a few more weird happenings here...It usually centers around the kitchen and the main floor bedrooms..
    Oddly enough the basement seems benign.
    It started up again a few nights ago- The kitchen is always stressful, Just over all tense..Has been since moving in.
    The bedrooms if you sit in there to watch tv or even just settling in for the night..Occasionally out of the corner of your eye there is movement, But its gone in a flash- We just moved our bedroom to the guest room and that seems when things turned up a notch. We had smudged with sweet grass and cedar to get rid of any bad juju that might be around there...So with that said: Last night we went to bed early and doors shut because we have a very nosy 25lb siamese who enjoys short sheeting us lol!
    Long story short our daughter came down to get ready for bed and all of a sudden hears the door open and shut, Thinking my husband or I had to use the bathroom she came out and seeing the door open, that we were both somewhat asleep, She said " Mom, I thought you were waiting for the bathroom?" Just as I went to say No, The door swung shut and latched! No windows opened, No wind, The cat was upstairs..and the dog was in bed.
    This particular bedroom door, The knob has to turn just right to open, it takes a bit of effert.. and there is always a click..
    same for closing..Our daughter just stood there and watched like she couldn't believe what she just saw!
    She then opened the door and said did you just see that? I did and although not scared I am unsettled when weird things happen with no explanation.
    This is the same bedroom that I saw what appeared to be a transparent little girl pass by me in the middle of the night when we first moved in while on the way to the bathroom...But I chalked that up to being half asleep..
    I dunno, its strange.
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    That's interesting. Have you done any research on the house?

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