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Thread: Rodger Keller, Key West Murder Victim

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    Unhappy Rodger Keller, Key West Murder Victim

    The ID Channel is airing a "Sins and Secrets" episode about this case, and it shook me because I was in Key West the month after this homicide (March 2006), yet I heard absolutely nothing about it. Granted, I don't live there, but The Last Island is a small island. Fortunately, the murderer (Johnny Ray Holt) was caught and is now serving a life sentence. The murder house is at Fourth and Flagler, near Key West High School where I've been for work a few times.

    Rodger Keller helped organize the first gay pride parade (Detroit 1972). He was only able to enjoy four years' retirement down in Key West before getting his head blown off by Holt. But while Keller was down in FL, he was active in supporting the MARC House for Retarded Citizens. Such a shame he couldn't finish out a nice, cozy retirement in peace, with the great restaurants and the drag queens.

    Here are two interesting links: one is Keller's Findagrave entry (which needs updating), written by someone who knew and cared about him; and the second is from Bonnie's Blog of Crime, with several link sub-categories (including "Holt: Fatal shooting was an accident").
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    I saw the special on Investigation Discovery. It's a damn shame that Mr. Keller was killed by somebody he was trying to help. I guess you have to think twice before inviting strangers to stay with you.

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