Fogwood Films and as an independent producerZiskin formed Fogwood Films with partner Sally Field in 1984, and produced Murphy's Romance.[SIZE=2][7][/SIZE] As an independent producer, Ziskin cast the relatively unknown actors Kevin Costner and Sean Young with veteran Gene Hackman and produced the hit thriller No Way Out for Orion Pictures.[SIZE=2][8][/SIZE] In 1988, Ziskin and partner Ian Sander produced two films featuring Dennis Quaid, the remake of D.O.A.[SIZE=2][9][/SIZE] and Taylor Hackford's Everybody's All-American.[SIZE=2][10][/SIZE]
The Oscar awards that almost went down in flames
LOS ANGELES, Feb 26 ( - The stage of the brand new theater caught fire. The announcer walked off. The network demanded to know what was going on. The smoke alarms kept triggering. The budget soared out of control. Russell Crowe was a jerk. Will Smith went home halfway through the ceremony. Nipples showed. And the show went on and on and on, until it shattered all existing records for the longest Oscar show ever.