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Thread: Saudis give Raif Badawi 10 years + 1000 lashes for blogging

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    Saudis give Raif Badawi 10 years + 1000 lashes for blogging

    He just received the first 50 lashes. Didn't cry out.
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    Mr Raif unfortunately, is a bit of a drongo. Anyone who has spent 5 minutes in that shithole knows you are going to get in deep shit criticizing Saudi Arabia’s powerful clerics on a liberal blog. Yes I have spent 5 minutes there, working on this:
    I am a sick puppy....woof woof!!!

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    Great looking stuff Neil; and I love that signature.

    I'm really going to have to start using "drongo" in conversation.

    As for the topic - yeah it seems pretty hard assed; but when in Rome; respect the Roman law of the land or pay the price.

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