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    Trey Sesler

    A 22-year-old who allegedly gunned down his parents and his brother at their home was captured by police yesterday after a day-long manhunt.
    Trey Eric Sesler, an online animation enthusiast and critic from Texas, is believed to have had a high-powered weapon on him and body armour when he was arrested on Tuesday night.
    The bodies of his parents and brother were discovered around 1pm at their Houston home after police received a call from concerned relatives.
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    Suspected killer: A family member described Sesler as 'peculiar' but he has no criminal record and was an amine enthusiast who posted reviews online

    Crime scene: The bodies of Sesler's parents and brother were discovered around 1pm at their Houston home after police received a call from concerned relatives

    Lawton Ray Sesler Jr, 58, his wife Rhonda Wyse Sesler, 57, and their son, Mark Alan Sesler, 26, were found at the home with multiple fatal gunshot wounds from a high-powered rifle.
    Someone reported gunshots coming from the home on Monday evening but when police arrived they discovered nothing.

    Trey Sesler, 22, was arrested for allegedly shooting dead his parents and brother on a gun rampage at their home

    Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith said: 'This was a scene that had a lot of violence. The house was ransacked.
    'Evidence was obtained and it was pretty obvious the connection of the other brother and son to these people.'

    Trey Sesler has no criminal record, according to the Houston Chronicle.
    Waller Police Chief Phil Rehak said: 'The best way for me to describe the residence is it looked like a war zone Ė a tremendous amount of damage inside the residence, the crime scene was not contained to one area of the residence.

    'It was from one end of the residence to the other, front to back, which is unusual.'
    He was arrested at a friend's home just hours after the bodies were found. Investigators said Sesler had several guns with him at the time.

    Police have said they donít know why Sesler would want to kill his family, but that it was an exceptionally violent, angry crime.

    For the last four years, he has used an online alter ego called Mr Anime, the star and producer of several short films and also a reviewer of Japanese animation.
    He has a YouTube channel, with more than one million views which he calls Lenscap productions. Some of the amateur movies he made star his brother.
    A large number of the anime he reviews have violent themes. For example, in one, which is called Highschool Of The Dead, Sesler has a large rifle in his hands while he talks to the camera.

    At one point he seems to get very excited when talking about the zombies killing the mortals as there is 'blood everywhere'.

    Yet another one is called Death Note and another one is called Slayers. The beginning of all of his reviews, he plays a short clip in which he shoots someone in the chest.


    On his Facebook page he wrote: 'I really like to take it easy and have a nice time. I'm really interested in my education as a college student and am really excited about graduating in a few years.

    'I plant things sometimes in the spring like peppers and strawberries. My car is currently the most exciting part of my days.'

    Obsessed: Sesler appears to have had a fascination with guns and rifles and he posted many pictures of himself posing with them. he is believed to have shot his family with a high-powered rifle

    YouTube: His onscreen persona is Mr Anime. He has more than 4,000 subscribers and more than one million video views
    Dangerous props: In one of Sesler's YouTube videos, he waves around a large rifle while reviewing an anime called High School Of The Dead

    Aunt Weda Frierson called her nephew 'peculiar' when interviewed by the Houston Chronicle.
    She said: 'I'll have to admit, he was quite strange. But naturally, I wasn't going to tell Trey's parents that he acts peculiar.
    'His father was a very private person and never really discussed him with me at all.'
    She said she believed he was on some kind of medication for a health condition but didn't know what.

    Father Lawton Sesler was a teacher at the local elementary school and had been married to his wife for 34 years.
    In one video Sesler claims to have just been diagnosed with pneumothorax and says his lung is on the verge of collapsing.
    He told viewers: 'It's just one of those things that you think can't happen to you, it's pretty frightening. I'm hoping that it's just a minor thing but it could be a big deal.
    'If you're religious, I'd appreciate it if you prayed for me and keep watching my channel.'

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