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Thread: Man chases, hits boy with car after wallet is stolen

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    Man chases, hits boy with car after wallet is stolen
    (KATV) Little Rock - "When I got here, the man was beating up little man. He pulled him out from under the vehicle and started whopping him." A witness describes what he saw after a Little Rock teenager was hit and killed by a van. He was riding his bicycle and reportedly chased by the driver.

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    Well, a child is dead, and somewhere is a set of parents who must be devastated.

    But I don't agree with the "kids will be kids" statement in the article. Skipping class, having a smoke, that's kids being kids. Choosing to steal someone's wallet and then make tracks on your bicycle is making the deliberate decision to commit a crime. I know the punishment was not suitable, but while they're lauding this "well loved" child, they may as well call this what it is: a guy lost it after some kid grabbed his wallet out of his own pocket and he reacted horribly.

    Also, a million dollar bond is ridiculous in this case. This man is not a flight risk. His life is now over because he was, what, walking down the street when a kid robbed him? What the hell would that feel like?

    And what's with the big fad now to go on Facebook and grieve? I think it's tacky has hell, but some people find it necessary to report to fb several times a day, so whatever. But all the "fine boy" posts and all the king's men aren't going to take away the fact that this tragedy happened because of this boy's actions.

    I have a son the same age and I'm sorry for the parents. I cannot imagine the hell they must be going through right now.

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    That linked article sucks. Just report the damn facts dont try to be poignant editorialize or slant the story and dont use improper punctuation (I realize I am using improper punctuation but im not a journalist) resulting in odd fragmentation of a sentence if youre a fucking journalist:
    A boy on a bike, versus a man driving a van.
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    We already have a thread on this one. Merge please

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