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Thread: Mort Lindsey - orchestra leader & composer

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    Mort Lindsey - orchestra leader & composer

    Does that name ring a bell? If you're around my age - 5(coff)0 - and had a mom who loved Merv Griffin, then you've listened to the dulcet orchestrations of Mort Lindsey. He was Moiv's talk show orchestra leader for 25 years, and more importantly, was the musical director for the legendary Judy Garland Carnegie Hall performances. He scored several films, and won an Emmy for his musical work on Barbra Streisand's concert album "A Happening In Central Park". He was 89

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    I haven't heard his name in years. Didn't realize that he was with Merv since 1962. Another piece of my childhood gone.

    RIP Mort.

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    RIP Mort and thanks for making Judy sound so good.

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    In memory of Mort Lindsey I watched some "The Judy Garland Show" videos. He and his orchestra were wonderful. Mort's admiration for Judy came through in these shows. Judy also seemed to trust Mort and enjoy performing the orchestrations. The music was great! Sorry he had some hard later years. Rest in peace Mort and know that your work here was appreciated.
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