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Thread: Bo Wagner-Starbuck Marimba Player

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    Bo Wagner-Starbuck Marimba Player

    I find this all very curious. Starbuck was a MAJOR hit maker in the 70's with "Moonlight Feels Right". The absolutely fantastic marimba solo was performed by Bo Wagner, later to become Dr. Bo Wagner. He died June 20th at the age of 72. The ONLY comment I've seen about him from someone in the music business was from Starbuck co-founder Bruce Blackman on his Facebook page.

    Even Dr. Bo's own website says absolutely nothing about this!

    I've found no obituary, no cause of death, no mention of survivors, nothing!

    There was an interview on YouTube conducted by an obviously in-experienced female done backstage at an event where the group Player was present. Bo looked very thin and not very enthusiastic. His answers to this woman's questions were very insightful, polite and professional. You could tell his level of intelligence had to have been high. The only time he smiled was when the interview was over.

    Anybody have any insight on Bo? Anybody know what happened?

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    Curious indeed - I'm gonna look around a bit.

    RIP, Bo.
    Throwing feces.

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