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Thread: Ruth Faye and Helen McCollough Garner 1948

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    Ruth Faye and Helen McCollough Garner 1948

    This is an except of my website's Moments in Time section. which profiles my towns tragedies. I grew up hearing about and finally found the whole story on Btown's FB group.

    I lost an unborn babe in 2000. Had she lived she would turn 16 this coming November. I drank for a month afterward.

    Yet my tragedy pales against the sheer hell of a mother who, having given birth, held and rocked and nourished and scrubbed little faces and wiped little noses, watched her three girl babies grow into beautiful young ladies, and one day two of them go out on a fun date. And are just gone.

    Patricia Roebuck Nash says this is a “tragic story, but their surviving sister, Fanny Lou--Class of 1946--the youngest daughter, was there to help their mother cope." The mother, Alma Garner "had also lost a son, Coleman, and her husband around this time. I was too young to remember this, but I remember hearing about it.“ Miss Helen McCollough was the elder of the three sisters, Class of 1947, and may have been a homecoming queen. Miss Ruth Faye was Miss Buford 1948, and graduated that same year.

    According to the Chatterbox, "Ruth was a person you looked forward to seeing because she ran with a smile…and everyone loved her, and Helen was just as sweet and friendly as Ruth. In the days leading up to her death, Ruth was seen showing off her diamond engagement ring." That same year, shortly after Ruth graduated, Ruth and Helen went on a boating date with their boyfriends on Elder Lake, near Winder. The bright summer day turned dark when their boat capsized. Neither Ruth nor Helen could swim. "My great uncle was with them when they drowned ." Efforts to rescue the girls was in vain. David Lord says.

    It is said they were found clinging to each other in death.
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    What a haunting story, I can't even begin to wonder how she must have grieved. Thanks, Cindy.
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