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Thread: Cierra Ross robs, rapes man at gunpoint

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    Cierra Ross robs, rapes man at gunpoint

    Chicago - A 33-year-old Chicago man reported that he was raped and robbed at gun point in the backseat of a car after accepting a ride from a woman and her female companion.
    The car driver, 25-year-old Cierra Ross, was arrested Tuesday and charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault and armed robbery for the attack, NBC Chicago reported.

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    Not buying the "victim's" story. (Out for a stroll at 5 a.m. and two nice ladies just decide to pull over and offer him a ride. Well, a form of a ride.) Want to bet that he was a customer of their services (shockingly she has a history of arrests for prostitution) and they decided to rob him and/or they had a disagreement over the price?

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