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Thread: Edmonton's dead will now have their own artist in residence

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    Edmonton's dead will now have their own artist in residence

    An Edmonton artist will have the chance to draw inspiration from an unlikely place, the city's burial grounds.
    The Edmonton Arts Council is hiring an artist-in-residence to work, full time, among the dead.
    It's the first time an artist-in-residence will be hosted by the City of Edmonton Cemeteries.
    The lucky candidate will be given studio space inside the offices of Mount Pleasant Cemetery, which houses administrative offices, as well as "beautiful niches" that are the final resting place for cremated remains.
    Burials at this picturesque hilltop graveyard in Pleasantview began in the 19th century, and many prominent historical members of the community are interred there.

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    Interesting - I hope they appreciate it.

    Some of those dead folks display no gratitude or manners whatsoever.
    Throwing feces.

    Just. Don't. Do. It.

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