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Thread: John Denver

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    Quote Originally Posted by neilmpenny View Post
    According to the DC, John's brother Ronald lives/lived a couple miles from me in the same community (Rancho Penasquitos in San Diego). According to property tax records he still owns the house, whether he actually lives there is unknown.

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    Check your inbox, Elizabeth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GnomicMaster View Post
    The "facts" about John Denver's death as reported at almost every link/site are wrong because I was one of the NTSB investigators. John's craft hit a flock of California Brown Pelicans. We found pelican body parts wrapped inside the engine. Then we found all the missing parts of John's head wrapped in the engine.

    Too many unfounded rumors, but I have the facts because I was there.
    WOW - how did I miss that we had a real NTSB investigator at the scene of Denvers crash? Brown pelicans flying with the plane??

    Quote Originally Posted by Mammy View Post
    Seems our "expert" is MIA. Get sucked into an engine? At least the brown pelicans won't get lonely! I never knew a pelican could fly so high before now!
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    I missed the 20 year anniversary of his death October 12 - time flies

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    His death makes me sad.
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    It was sad. He was too young and a sympathetic character. Whenever I hear "Thank God I'm A Country Boy", I always think, "So why did you die in the surf in California?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cynful View Post
    Interesting that NONE of these "facts" are mentioned in the OFFICIAL NTSB report.

    Close-Up: The John Denver Crash...

    Here is the NTSB summary and official accident report:

    Don't know if I've ever responded to a 6 year old comment before, but I LOVE IT when people who are full of shit get called out on it.

    You go, girl!
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    I think ol' John began to lose touch with reality once his career humped, and he was on the down slide. First he wants to be the first folk singer in space, then he writes a plan for feeding the world by tapping into the economies of a nations. He was dealing with numbers and ideals he could not possibly grasp, but he placed himself at the center of each event. My impression is, he was a talented musician and singer, but he just kept trying to squeeze the public for attention when the world had moved on. I take it, he was a nasty drunk, too.

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