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Welcome To Findadeath!

Paula Nelson in Chicago!

Rob in Jersey sends us this:

Oakley Court Hotel in Windsor, UK, where The Rocky Horror Picture Show was filmed

From Clay and Kim Steiner in Boulder, this is the Ramsey House.  Yes.

From Joan LaValley-Leary

From Kathleen, Dekker's best bud

From Sarah in England with the spooky number plates

From Jayne in CA and Peter UK


From Zsuzsanna in Hungary


Findadeath friend Doug sends this:
I am here in Moscow.  I have included a few Hag shots for you.  I took a few when I was at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan (you know - where Yuri Gagarin & Sputnik launched from).  I am in front of and inside the building that housed the Russian Space Shuttle Buran, before the roof collapsed, crushing the shuttle and killing 10 workers.  They are still trying to recover - note the remaining metal structures on the wall are all twisted and bent.  


Lastly, there is a photo in front of Lenin's Tomb in Red Square, Moscow.



My sister, Evita, and I (Lisa) went to Yosemite this week for Easter
vacation. We were kinda ticked b/c we forgot to ask you for a DEATH HAG
sticker before we went, so, we had to improvise. We hope you find it worthy.
We went on your tour (in January 2005) with our friend, Yvonne. If you post
this, then we'll know it was well worth it (mind you, it was f***n cold!!).
Please send us DEATH HAG stickers b/c we get around !!!! (we'll send
self-addressed envelopes at a future date)............  see ya!!!     LISA
AND EVITA       TRUE DEATH HAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Jayne



From Karma (suggested by Lisa)

From Suzy

From Lorelei:


From Twyla:

From Cliff:


From Pete:

From Jessica: