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P. T. Barnum - February 20, 2015

The Lovely Leah from Bridgeport, CT sends us this lovely Death Hag Sticker placement at the final resting place of P.T. Barnum.

I'm sending along two photos (a full view and a close-up) I took of my Death Hag sticker gracing the monument of P.T. Barnum. Phineas Taylor Barnum was considered the consummate showman of his day, and he founded the Barnum & Bailey Circus (later Ringling Brothers) - "The Greatest Show on Earth." He was also an author, philanthropist and mayor of the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Barnum is buried in Mountain Grove Cemetery - which he designed - in Bridgeport. A statue of the showman stands in the city's Seaside Park.

Yet another disappointment, P.T. never actually said, "There's a sucker born every minute."

Here's the story.

Why does the truth always have to fuck up a good story?


Claude Rains - February 13, 2015

Hi Scott, My brother Mike and I are big fans of and Mike learned recently through that Claude Rains was buried in our great but small state of NH, in the town of Moultonborough, which is about an hour away from where we live in North Woodstock. Yesterday we decided to take a trip to Red Hill cemetery where he and his wife are both buried. After some bad directions from Google and with a little help from an elderly gentleman who met Rains, who also owned a mansion in the same town as well back in the early sixties, we were able to find the cemetery. I have enclosed some pictures of his stone and one of the mansion as it looks today. We hope that you can use the pictures for your site. Your fellow death hags, Tracey and Mike Cassidy

Thanks, Tracey and Mike!



Marie Laveau - February 12, 2015

I'm not gonna lie. This freaks me out.

Given the belief that Marie Laveau's spirit can be invoked to grant wishes, it was inevitable that there would be alleged sightings. According to the author of Haunted City (Dickenson 1997, 131): "Tour guides tell of a Depression-era vagrant who fell asleep atop a tomb in the cemetery and was awakened to the sound of drums and chanting. Stumbling upon the tomb of Marie Laveau, he encountered the ghosts of dancing, naked men and women, led by a tall woman wrapped in the coils of a huge snake." Or so tour guides tell. But did the "vagrant" perhaps pass out from drink and have a vivid dream or hallucination? How much has the story been embellished in the in the intervening two-thirds century or so? Do we know the alleged event even occurred? These are amojng the problems with such anecdotal evidence. 

From the Program for the Center of Inquiry website.

A thousand little X's and apologies to the nice person who sent these to me a few years back. I'm usually very good about keeping track and the email source fell through the cracks. 



The North Pole - February 11, 2015

Findadeath friend Tanya Jones representing us in Alaska!

Thanks, Tanya!


The Australian Backpacker Murders - February 10, 2015

Findadeath friend Sarah Gould from Sydney took a visit to the Belanglo State Forest, site of the famous Backpacker Murders that occurred in NSW Australia during the 1990s. The bodies of seven missing young women were discovered partly buried in the Belanglo State Forest.

Thank you, Sarah.


Ivan Milat was convicted of the murders and is serving seven consecutive life sentences plus 18 years. 


A monument to the victims.



LB! - February 7, 2015

Do aces beat kings? 


Hey OSWALD! - February 4, 2015

Sometimes it seems like the entire world has gone Death Hag. Lee Harvey Oswald's grave was dug up in 1981 when doubts arose about who exactly was buried in the box.

Thing is, the shitty box he was buried in was falling apart. They reburied him in a nicer box. 

The funeral home kept the original casket until last year when they sold it at an auction.

Here is the listing. 

The Auction company website


It was sold to a private collector for a little over $87,000. Well, Oswald's brother wasn't having it. He sued the funeral home and the auction house. He won.

Source: New York Times

So the Oswald family gets the shitty box back. They say it'll be destroyed. 


Well, at least this time we know what they saw when they opened it. 




The Winchester Mystery House - January 30, 2015

The Winchester House San Jose from  Kim Eazell.

The batty old Sarah Winchester built the house for the ghosts of the people killed by the Winchester Rifle. I fell in love with the place as a kid when I saw it on You Asked For It!



Kelly - SHOES: January 29, 2015




Jumbo the Elephant Death Hag Sticker - January 27, 2015

Hey Scott,

I took my Death Hag sticker u sent me (thanks again) and took some pics of it with my daughter at the famous Canadian death landmark. Jumbo the elephant was hit by a train and died in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. He being the jumbo of the traveling Barnum & Bailey circus. Anyway, they built a statue to commemorate his untimely death in St. Thomas. Kind of a weird celebrity death I know, but until I make it out to Corey Feldman's grave, this will have to do.

All the best, Gary & Lola

Thanks, Gary and Lola! Wow, what an interesting story, Gary. Thank you for this.

Read it on Wiki.