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Update: Albert Dekker

Update: John DeLorean

Update: John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas

RIP Gene Gene the Dancing Machine

Happy Birthday Sasha Grey. Not dead yet.

Update: She stares at me with those gum-ball eyes... the return of Subpoena!

Patsy's Pizza - Death Hag Sticker

Update: The Andrews Sisters - You had one job to do.

Update: Alice Pearce of Bewitched

Jan Hooks' Grave - Death Hag Sticker

My Kind of Newspaper


The Wizard of Oz's Dorothy - Death Hag Sticker

Annette Update - Pistol Packin' Mama

Fuckhead and Bitch - Death Hag Sticker

Bruce & Brandon Lee - Death Hag Sticker

A Dearly Departed Anniversary Present!

RIP MEEP American Horror Story - Freak Show

Eye See Jesus

Relax A Cizor

P.T. Barnum - Death Hag Sticker

Phil Spector's mailbox - Death Hag Sticker
Ghost Adventures!
The Riff Raff Statue in New Zealand - Death Hag Sticker
Dudley Moore - Death Hag Sticker
Update: Caesar Romero - Gayfellow?!!
Claude Rains - Death Hag Sticker
Update: Jeffery Dahmer - new pics
Update: Bernie Mac
Marie Laveau - Death Hag Sticker
Update: Heidi the Whore with Chris Farley's Blood on her hands
EAT MEEEEE! Baking Celebrities
Leeza Gibbons - Death Hag Forever
The North Pole - Death Hag Sticker
RIP Molly's Burger House 1929 - 2015
BAD WAX Department
The Australian Backpacker Murders - Death Hag Sticker
Update: Peter Lawford Memorial Invitation & Acujack oinker
The ever-changing charm of Hollywood
Update: Tammy Faye Bakker's grave - tourist attraction!
Update: Anna Nicole Smith - pics
Louis B. Mayer - Death Hag Sticker
Curly from The Three Stooges - Death Hag Sticker
Tony Curtis
Update: The Day the Big Bopper Died
The Winchester Mystery House - Death Hag Sticker
Kelly - SHOES - Death Hag Sticker
Update: Sal Mineo's Grave - Death Hag Sticker
Update: Redd Foxx in Vegas - Death Hag Sticker
Hey OSWALD! - Death Hag Sticker
Ossie Davis
The Andrews Sisters
Estate Sale SCORE
Stuff I Never Threw Away Dept. 
The Brown Derby at Hollywood and Vine
Six Million Dollar Dearly Departed Tour
Jumbo Death Hag Sticker
Update: Divine - shitty sticker
UN PC - Gift Tag Department
UN PC - Warner Bros. Edition
UN PC - Blow Up Doll Edition
UN PC - US Postal Service Edition
The Brown Derby at Hollywood and Vine
Agatha Christie

Rita Bell

Darren Shahlavi

Anne Kirkbride - Deidre from Coronation Street

Roy Scheider

Greg Plitt

Johnny Grant - Honorary Mayor of Hollywood

Reta Shaw

Darrell Winfield - The Marlboro Man

Curtis Lee

Anita Ekberg

Taylor Negron

Samuel Goldwyn Jr

Rod Taylor

Francesca Hilton

Donna Douglas - Elly May Clampett